Let's get well together.

Let's get well together.

In 2003, the founders of Pegasus began an extensive research and development effort to build a pharmacy that could help improve resident care. Today, our pharmacy has nationwide service capabilities, providing medications to over 120 senior living and alternative care communities from a central location.

Designed to uphold efficiency and reduce nursing time spent dealing with medications, our pharmacy was built from the ground up with our customers' needs and challenges in mind. We choose to work as a true partner with each of our customer communities, rather than the assembly line treatment many of our competitors offer. We make it a point to listen to our customers, and our commitment to flexibility ensures the safest and most efficient medication environment possible for every community we service.

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We have the prescription for that.

Our customers have seen up to a 50% reduction in med-pass time after converting to strip packaging, allowing nursing staff to focus on the most important part of their job description: caring for your residents.

There's no extra fee associated with any form of packaging we offer our customers. How valuable is your nurses' time to you?


When it comes to F-Tags,
zero is a nice round number.

Not one F-Tag. Not ever. None for unnecessary drugs or medication errors. Nada for pharmacy services or medication regimen review. Zilch for storage, labeling or controlled medications. After more than a decade and serving more than 100 nursing facilities, not one of our customers has received a single pharmacy-related F-Tag. No one wants to be tagged with anything that may constitute fines, regulatory penalties, or worse, compromise reputation. If we're the pharmacy partner for your communities, no one will.

Expressly compliant.

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If pharmacies are giving
you pain, there's something
you can take for that.

Her name is Holly.

She's one of our service representatives, and, like every one of them, she's on a first name basis with her customers. Taking your business personally. When you call, you talk to your representative, not a call center. When you ask, the answer is specific to you, and provided by people who know you, who back each other up on dedicated teams. When you need us, we will be there, more accessible, more flexible, and more about getting it done.

Expressly for you.


Our contracts
are easier to take

And it makes for a healthier relationship. Contracts are simple and straightforward and billing is an open book, nothing hidden, nothing disguised, nothing to surprise, and your own dedicated billing representative makes absolutely sure of it. Customized programs pin pointed to specific needs not only contain pharmacy costs, we turn the unpredictable into the predictable.

Expressly understood.


Wrapped just the way
you like it.

How the medication comes to you is up to you. Blisterpacks. Unit-dose strip packaging. Multi-dose strip packaging. Traditional bottles. Any or all. We don't dictate the packaging any more than we dictate the prescription or the medication. How it comes to you is up to you and the needs of those you serve. And if you want guidance from our team of experts, we are always here for you. You can trust us to get it just right, just the way you want it.

Expressly customized for you.

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Nobody breaks this code.

We're five times safer. You're five times surer. And five checks assure it. Beyond our expertise in Medicare Part D, beyond our complete compliance with all regulations, beyond the systems we've developed to personalize and deliver the most efficient and reliable pharmacy services anywhere - beyond all of that - is the knowledge and stability of our people that allow us to do it all again and again. And the fact that our customers know how good we are at it.

Expressly satisfied.

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We speak doctor

And that translates into good news for you.

We're fluent in formulary management, initiating prior authorizations, and working with medical directors to select a therapeutic interchange program that fits your community best. And unlike many of our competitors, we substitute generic equivalents as soon as one FDA-approved product arrives to the marketplace, keeping your costs at a minimum.

Expressly prescribed.

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Because when it comes to pharmacy services for your communities, you need a partner you can trust to make sure the bills are accurate. Our billing is an open book. Nothing hidden in our contracts and one definitive, auditable source for all pricing. But you don't have to take our word for it — we hire a third party adjudication firm to review all our customers' bills.

Checks and balances — just one of many ways we help our customer communities get better faster.